Hi I’m Trevor, I’ve been an independant guide for over 9 years.
I am a French-American living in Normandy.

After seeing groups of motorcyclists at the different D-Day sites walking around a bit lost without guidance, I have decided in 2018 to offer my services as a battlefield expert.

  • I propose a different kind of guided tour:
    You follow me on your own bike with a Bluetooth headset (Sena 30 K) as I will give my commentaries between the stops and at the sites.
  • If you don’t have a Bluetooth communicator, I will still give you the tour but my explanations will be given on sites only.

If you love WWII & D-Day History and riding motorcycles then my tours are made for you!

(Maximum 5 bikes for a quality tour)

General map

Sainte Mère église

Pointe du Hoc

American cemetery