1 Day Essential Motorcycle Tour

Meeting point for tour next to Airborne’s museum entrance (white gate):
08.30: Sainte-Mère Eglise

First village liberated by US Airborne forces.

Hear about the story of the paratrooper who got caught on the church steeple

Hedgerow stop
Explanation of how the hedgerows were at the time of the landings

Utah beach
Understand the construction of the fortifications of the Atlantic Wall and why it was a successful landing due in part to Brigadier General Teddy Roosevelt Jr.

Lunch  (on your own not included)

Pointe du Hoc
D-DAY’s most dangerous mission where U.S. Rangers scaled 100 ft. high cliffs to take out artillery guns that could threaten the American beaches.

Omaha Beach
Step on this emotional beach where so many brave soldiers gave their lives, 3600 casualties in the first 3 hours, learn how they overcame the hardships and finally got off the beach

Visit of US Military Cemetery
9387 graves – 1557 on Wall of the Missing in Action- Visitor’s center


Tour ends around 5.00/5.30 pm
(get on the road to wherever you’re going…)

Sainte Mère Eglise

Pointe du Hoc

American military cemetery